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Find Peace Within: WEVAS®

WEVAS 2.0 Model 2024. Heart, Mind, Body, Spirit. Attentive, Attuned, Competent State. Aware Open State Learn.  Anxious Heart to heart strategies. Agitated Mind to mind strategies. Aggressive Body and mind strategies. Assaultive Protective and community strategies.
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About WEVAS®

WEVAS® goals & beliefs

WEVAS® utilizes the concept of psychological states of being. People have times when they are in an optimal Attentive / Attuned / Competent State. Sometimes we move into stressed states -  we become anxious, agitated, aggressive or even assaultive. 


WEVAS® teaches differentiated communication strategies that are targeted to match these psychological states. The appropriate strategy can be practiced to facilitate a return to the Attentive / Attuned / Competent state.

In the yellow band of the diagram, WEVAS® identifies the four stress states. In the green band, WEVAS® differentiates the four types of communication strategies that are most effective when people are in these stress states. WEVAS® teaches review skills to be used in the Aware / Open State for intrapersonal and interpersonal follow-up.

Transform your day

WEVAS® will teach you:

  • to understand and identify states of being in yourself and in others

  • to learn and practice deescalation skills at each state

  • to refine and enhance verbal and non-verbal skills

  • to notice shifts in energy and how to respond

  • to use your energy in ways to keep yourself and others safe

  • to respond in both proactive and reactive situations

  • to integrate WEVAS® strategies into Behaviour Intervention Plans, Safety Plans, Workplace Safety and Health Plans

  • to review following events: intra- and inter-personally

  • to weave resources together to support individuals, families, classrooms, schools, organizations, and communities

  • to create peaceful internal and external environments

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WEVAS® was developed on Treaty One Territory of the Anishinaabe, Cree, Oji-Cree, Dakota and Dene peoples and the homeland of the Red River Metis.  WEVAS® respects the treaties that were made on these territories, acknowledges the harms and mistakes of the past/present and is moving forward in partnership with all peoples, Indigenous, Black, People of Colour (IBPOC) and settlers alike. This is in the spirit of reconciliation and collaboration.

WEVAS® is aware of white-fragility, benevolence, hetero-patriarchal violence, and strives to be anti-racist, queering ally, maintaining a commitment to learn and correct errors.

WEVAS® believes that all people desire to be part of a safe and healthy community. Some people have not experienced such communities and the survival strategies that they employ sometimes seem to work against our efforts. We all can learn and teach healthy ways of interacting.

WEVAS® believes that visions, missions, philosophies, policies, and protocols developed to create safe and healthy communities are helpful and must be matched by effective practice. The practices of an organization are seen in the actions that are taken when issues arise.

WEVAS® believes that there are targeted practices that we can use to develop safe and healthy communities. Developing and supporting staff to use selectively these targeted practices is a key to creating these communities.

WEVAS® believes that the selective use of the targeted practices to develop safe and healthy communities requires practices that can be differentiated to match individual's or groups' emotional / behavioural needs.

WEVAS® believes that each of us can become aware of and work with our thoughts and beliefs, our conscious and unconscious minds, in order to shift the narrative from fear-based interactions to peaceful ones.

The goal of WEVAS® Incorporated is to develop resources and practices that individuals and organizations can use to cultivate safe and healthy communities. It develops targeted practices that support staff in taking effective action in their living / learning environments. These practices can be integrated effectively into existing Safe and Healthy Community Initiatives and may assist in areas that are often overlooked. 


WEVAS® offers personal and professional development opportunities that will transform your experiences.

EXCITING things are happening in the world of WEVAS®

New Activities, a Book, Re-Certification.


NEW: WEVAS® 2.0 Facilitator Training Course:  September, 2024, Winnipeg, MB

WEVAS® course availability is opening up as we can be together again in unity and healing.

WEVAS® Facilitators:

WEVAS® 2.0 has a new focus, new activities, and requires re-certification.

Sign-up now. Registration complete when payment received.

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