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Facilitator Login

New in Progress: Facilitators login to register workshop participants for certification.

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Please note:  to access training resources and videos: 

Level 1 login:  WEVAS® 2019 and WEVAS® 2.0 Certified Facilitators SIGN UP with email designated at certification.  Create your own password.

Level 2 login: WEVAS® 2.0 Certified Facilitators will be sent a password to access WEVAS® 2.0 materials after  approved for level 1 login.

DirectionsFirst time: click Sign Up (above) to request access to level 1 using your own email and password.

You will receive email confirmation of access to the Facilitator section once approved.  WEVAS® 2.0 Facilitators will be sent a level 2 access password.


WEVAS® 2.0

WEVAS® 2.0 contains new activities, updated PPPs, and readings.

Previously trained WEVAS® Facilitators must re-certify as a WEVAS® 2.0 Facilitator in order to access and use the new materials.

Only Certified WEVAS® 2.0 Facilitators can certify participants in WEVAS® 2.0.  


WEVAS® Facilitators who offer training in 2024 and beyond must be clear in any communication and advertisement of the course, in the materials and certificates provided the version of the course offered as follows:

WEVAS® 2.0 = 2023 (new content by Michelle Bradley-Bahuaud)

WEVAS® 2019 = 2019 (Updated by Michelle Bradley-Bahuaud)

WEVAS® 1.0 includes previous editions:

WEVAS® Final edition = Working Effectively with Violent and Aggressive States = 2007-2018. Revised by Dr. Neil Butchard and Bob Spencler. (some Facilitators may have a select pages updated in 2008 or 2011)


WEVAS® = Working Effectively with Violent and Aggressive Students = 1993-2006. Created by Dr. Neil Butchard and Bob Spencler.

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