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WEVAS® Wellness Books

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First book in the WEVAS® series coming soon!

Working Effectively with Violent and Aggressive States (WEVAS®):

The Power of Presence to Transform Education. 2024.

Out-of-control student behavior and educator burn-out can be reduced or even eliminated by applying Psychologist-developed WEVAS® simple steps to awareness, wellbeing and peaceful, easy to manage classrooms.

Upcoming book

Educators, students, and their families are experiencing anxiety, agitation, aggression, and assault.  Kids can’t learn and educators can’t teach because their time is wasted by never-ending emotional and behavioral problems.  All kinds of programs and interventions have been marketed and implemented by individuals and school divisions with the hope that they will make a difference. 


WEVAS® approaches this behavioural and mental health crisis in an entirely new way including heart, mind, body and spirit practices. Developing awareness of the impact of our breath, thoughts, and energy moves situations from painful to peaceful.  The Power of Presence to Transform Education is personal and professional development that will change your experience forever.

Michelle Bradley-Bahuaud (M.A.) is the Clinical Director/CEO of WEVAS®.

Her 30+ year career as a psychologist within Manitoba Education provided insight into suffering and healing for children, youth, their caregivers and educators.

Following a cancer diagnosis in 2022, Michelle experienced an awakening to self-presence which led her to enhance and expand WEVAS® training.

She is the author of several books in the Power of Presence series.   

Proceeds from WEVAS® books will be used to fund the development of free-for-all wellness and healing centres in our communities toward the awareness of self-presence and unity.

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EXCITING things are happening in the world of WEVAS®

New Activities, a Book, Re-Certification.

NEW: WEVAS® 2.0 Facilitator Training Course:  September, 2024, Winnipeg, MB

WEVAS® course availability is opening up as we can be together again in unity and healing.

WEVAS® Facilitators:

WEVAS® 2.0 has a new focus, new activities, and requires re-certification.

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