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WEVAS® Workshops:
Calm the waters

About Our Workshops

WEVAS® Workshops

Developed by Canadian Psychologists employed as provincial specialists (Est. 1993).


Learn WEVAS® Skills to deescalate anxiety, agitation, aggression and assault.

Learn to return to an optimal Aware / Attentive  / Attuned / Competent State.


Certify for employment purposes. 

Develop personally and professionally. Experience healing.

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About Our Workshops

Workshop Options:

WEVAS® Group sizes: 18-24 participants typical; flexibility with size

WEVAS® activities are done with the entire class and in small groups of 6, 3, 2, and individual participants.

Participants will receive a certificate (which is often requested by employers) when all modules, taken in order, are completed. 

Workshop / course options for certification:


Two days (12 hours, 4 modules) Anxious, Agitated (Level 1 &2), Aggressive

Three days (18 hours, 6 modules) Anxious, Agitated (Level 1 &2), Aggressive, Assaultive, Aware

Note: Facilities may offer the course in a modular format with multiple 3-hour sessions, each session covering one module.

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WEVAS® uses a “process teaching” format that allows people to identify effective skills that they have developed already and to become aware of the impact of some of their less effective strategies.  Throughout the training participants have the opportunity to share their effective skills with others, to develop new skills, and to practice these.  They also have the opportunity to develop the tools needed to continue assessing and developing new skills as they interact with children/youth/adults.

About Our Workshops

WEVAS® Training Format

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About Our Workshops

Find a Facilitator & Workshop

Are you ready to take a WEVAS® certification course / workshop?


WEVAS® Certified Facilitators offer workshops on a regular basis around Winnipeg and throughout Manitoba.

WEVAS® Certified Facilitators are available across Canada.

Contact your local school division, college, or university to find out when their next certification course will be offered.

WEVAS® 2.0 is current with NEW activities and content. WEVAS® 1.0 is original material, latest revision in 2019.

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The following WEVAS® Certified Facilitators have submitted their names and contact information for you to contact directly:

Michelle Bradley-Bahuaud (WEVAS® 2.0), Psychologist

Contact for WEVAS® Trainer-of-Facilitators

Trevor Holroyd (WEVAS® 2019) School Administrator, MITT Instructor, Manitoba Child Care Association

Lisa Hurl (WEVAS® 2.0) and Beth Evans (WEVAS® 2019) Behaviour Specialists, Early Childhood Education Centres

Barbara Kaiser (WEVAS® 1.0) Author, Consultant, Nova Scotia, Canada

Andrew Robson (WEVAS® 2019) Autism Behaviour Specialist


Barry Wolfe (WEVAS® 2019) 1-204-895-7930 School Counsellor, Continuing Education Instructor


Chris Zacharko (WEVAS® 2019) 1-204-391-7911 Student Support, Instructor at Red River College, Canada

WEVAS® Works

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EXCITING things are happening in the world of WEVAS®

New Activities, a Book, Re-Certification.

NEW: WEVAS® 2.0 Facilitator Training Course:  September, 2024, Winnipeg, MB

WEVAS® course availability is opening up as we can be together again in unity and healing.

WEVAS® Facilitators:

WEVAS® 2.0 has a new focus, new activities, and requires re-certification.

Sign-up now. Registration complete when payment received.

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