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Michelle Bradley-Bahuaud

WEVAS® Clinical Director, CEO


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  • What is the difference between WEVAS®, Low Arousal, and NCI?
    WEVAS®, Low Arousal, and NCI - Nonviolent Crisis Intervention, all teach de-escalation skills, however, WEVAS® is a "hands-off" model which teaches personal practices and protective skills in the Assaultive State rather than "restraints" or "holding skills." WEVAS® 2.0 focuses on de-escalation of self and others by helping individuals to connect to their calming presence and using their awareness to shift out of fear and into peacefulness. WEVAS® 2.0 is consistent with Manitoba Education's Policy Directive (2021) to minimize the use of seclusion and to avoid physical restraint. While WEVAS® 2.0 is proactive and preventative; it also teaches both intra- and inter-personal responsive review and follow-up processes. WEVAS® 2.0 is both personal and professional development that offers us the pieces that have been missing from all other approaches so that the peaceful states we desire are finally attainable.
  • There are many training programs out there, why choose WEVAS®?
    WEVAS® is the only training program that teaches you to develop your awareness and presence, which is your most powerful tool to de-escalate yourself and others. WEVAS® helps you to close the "knowing/doing" gap by providing you with direct experiences during the training in order to feel the shift within yourself. This begins the process of change that will reduce and eventually eliminate out-of-control student behavior and educator burn-out. Parents experience the changes within themselves that allow them to interact with their children in a manner that materializes the calm and peace they desire. Anyone interacting with the public become adept at de-escalation and easy interactions using simple WEVAS® strategies.
  • What is the difference between WEVAS® 1.0 and WEVAS® 2.0?
    WEVAS® 2.0 has new activities and participant materials. It teaches participants how to become aware of their thoughts and emotions that are related to the situations they are experiencing in their lives. WEVAS® 2.0 teaches participants how to transform their thoughts and their energy in order to create the peace that they desire, in both their internal and external environments. For beginners, WEVAS® 2.0 starts you on your journey to deepen your connections. For people who are more advanced, WEVAS® 2.0 allows you to amplify your healing work within yourself extending that to the world.
  • Am I trained in the current version of WEVAS®?
    WEVAS® 2.0 was released in 2023 and contains new activities, readings, and presentations. Previously certified WEVAS® Facilitators must recertify in order to offer WEVAS® 2.0 training. Your certificate should state the version of WEVAS® in which you were trained, the date you completed training, the number of hours of the course you completed, and the signatures of the Facilitators who provided your training.

Why choose WEVAS®

WEVAS® teaches how to use your mind, presence & energy flow
to produce peace

Personalized Attention

We help you to remove personal barriers to achieve your goals

Holistic Approach

We consider the whole person (heart, mind, body, spirit) as well as the environment

Accessibility & Flexibility

We help you to help yourself and others. Consultations online to keep you going as needed.

EXCITING things are happening in the world of WEVAS®

New Activities, a Book, Re-Certification.

NEW: WEVAS® 2.0 Facilitator Training Course:  5 days October 2-3-4, 17&18, 2024, Winnipeg, MB

NEW: WEVAS® Online Certification Course

WEVAS® course availability is opening up as we can be together again in unity and healing.

WEVAS® Facilitators:

WEVAS® 2.0 has a new focus, new activities, and requires re-certification.

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